Multiplier event

Multiplier event/testing

Date: May, June 2021

Test trainings in 8 countries proved: the new pedagogical method works successfully all over Europe

The jointly developed materials were tested in two ways. First on an internal six-day training (Learning, Teaching, Training Activities), then in all eight countries on Multiplier events, with the participation of 64 disabled adults, who were and are motivated to become co-trainers, peer supporters.
The training topics were put together in accordance with the goals, special needs, of the participants.
The essence of the Train the Competent method is that the trainer can choose on which module or on which subparts of the modules to work on with the trainees depending on their needs, goals, preparedness, prior knowledge on the topic, and can choose from the great variety of the activities, which fit the trainees the best, to their special needs, abilities, learning style, type of disability: to practice, master the content, to develop the given competence in a tailormade made manner.
The feedback of participants were great! The result: 94% satisfaction indicator proved that this pedagogical method is successfully applicable throughout Europe.
At the same time it proved that knowledge what partners acquired on the Learning Teaching Training Activities enabled them to become trainers and train future trainers and co-trainers. They were able to put together a training from the collectively elaborated material with a professional trainer toolkit, adapt the content and exercises to the special needs of their target group, and successfully exercised themselves as trainer with an external community.
Watch this short video, it gives a glimpse into testing in the eight countries.