3. Project Meeting

3.TPM, 23-25 September 2020 3 DAYS
9:00-9:30 Creation of connection. Are you OK? Short summary of the topics/ what we have to decide? Who’s going to do what, by when? Platform: Google Meet PUZW sends a link to the online meeting
9:30-10:20 Summary of IO1 modules development. What are the results since our joint meeting in July? What materials we have, what are still missing, from the handbook? What is missing from the workbook? What tools do you plan to use in it? For how many training days do you plan your module?  How many pages will be your material in the handbook?  (We agreed in 15 pages/handbook but we may think it over.) Do you need some help from other partners besides the Supporters of your module?  What are the next steps the expected result until the end of October, November, December?

1.Specific knowledge on disability/ Responsible WECIL.

Workshop: presentation, discussion/50 minutes questions and answers /module. The 6 modules’ Responsibles answer for the same questions, they give a short summary about the development of their module. They share the joint document of modules on the screen and take notes in it then upload it to our common platform on the Slack so that the next Responsible can also use it, thus all info is in the same document.

Presentation on the shared screen, discussion

10:20-11:10 2. Self-knowledge and self-reflection/Responsible CPRG Presentation on the shared screen, discussion
11.10-11.30 Break
11.30-12:20 3. Emotional management/Responsible PUZW Presentation on the shared screen, discussion
12:20-13:20 Lunch
13:20 -14:10 4. Self-management and independence/Responsible ESAT Presentation on the shared screen, discussion
14.10 -15:00 5. Communication/Responsible Theotokos Presentation on the shared screen, discussion
15:00 -15:20 Break
15:20-16:10 6. Becoming a trainer/Responsible Fonix Presentation on the shared screen, discussion
16:10-16:20 Short summary of the day, next day topics Quick, short review based on notes
9:00-9:10 Creation of connection Platform: Google Meet, PUZW sends a link to it
9:10-11:00 Summary of the answers of Responsibles on the previous day’s topics, joint discussion and decision about:

  • the number of the training days /IO1
  • the structure and length of the handbook/IO1
  • the structure and length of the workbook/IO2
  • the exercises, tools we will use use in the workbook
  • the timing to the next steps

Agreement on task sharing and on the expected results/ elaboration of introduction, handbook, workbook.


Workshop, action planning

The summary of the decisions are uploaded to the project’s common surface on the Slack.

Filling in an Excel spreadsheet with detailed tasks and exact time schedule – until the end of October, November, and December, Indicating also the number of small and large group meetings needed to discuss each module.

11:00-11:20 Break
11:20-12:20 Decision on the possible solutions and timings: how to solve the January Learning, Teaching, Training activities: the short term joint staff training, what are the possibilities? Online, offline versions.

How to use the possibilities of the contract modification without loosing the chance of personal meeting.

Workshop, action planning, decision making
12:20-13:20 Lunch
13:20-15:20 What indicators we will use to measure the progress at this stage? Workshop
15:20-15.40 Break
15:40-16:10 How to make dissemination more effective? Action planning
16:10-16.20 Summary of the day Quick review based on notes
9:00-9:10 Creation of connection Platform: Google Meet, PUZW sends a link to the meeting.
9:10-11:20 Virtual field visit – presentation of PUZW work, collegaues, activities

Discussion about the field visit/ PUZW’s work

Presentation on a shared screen, storytelling, Q and A
11:20-11:30 Summary f 3 day’s work, evaluation

3. Transnational Project Meeting

Online meeting, originally planned locale: PUZW, Poland
Date: 23-25 September 2020

Stories made exciting the virtual field visit

Due to the pandemic, we held online this meeting, too. After having discussed the agenda, the field visit in Poland was held by Eudajmonia Foundation – one of member organization of Polish Union of Supported Employment. The visit was well organized by Marta Gawryluk the host of the event and her team. We could see the main facilities of the Foundation and their actions as: the implementation of social projects aimed to those marginalized for various reasons for example people with disabilities, actions for children, youth and local communities, training activity and educational work, labor market and unemployment, the support of entrepreneurship, adapting space and services to the needs of people with disabilities.
We spoke with the assistant of persons with disability who passionately described his daily challenges. We also talked to a job coach who gave as a glimpse of her daily routines.
Eudajmonia provides different services as: respite care, social and professional activation clubs, rehabilitation and therapy workshop aims to improve psychophysical condition, increase fitness, reduce discomfort of people with disabilities. Professional activity workshop aims to increase employment readiness and brings closer the participants to the reality of the modern labor market. The workshop operates on the basis of the Supported Employment model.