2. Project Meeting

2.TPM 1-3 April 2020 3 DAYS
9:00-9:10 Creation of connection, ESAT sends a link to the online meeting
9:10-9:45 How are you?  (“vis maior situation” – what is the price of this in all senses) Discussion
9:45-10:00 Brief summary of the results of our work since the previous TPM, what materials we have,  what we have developed to the Intellectual Outputs and what the next steps are. Short presentation on shared screen

During the meeting, we immediately upload the materials of each step and decision to the project’s common surface.

10:00-12:00 Discussion of the next steps of the 2 IOs development. Train the trainer guideline IO1 and Train the co-trainer curricula  IO2. What will be the precisely defined activities of trainers and co-trainers? What are the educational objectives: set of knowledge, abilities or behaviours that they must have acquired by the end of the training? How did we expand the competencies we intend to develop for trainers and co-trainers? How to group these competencies into modules, which competencies belong to which module? Workshop, presentation

Structured problem solving/decision making

12:00-13:00 Further discussion of the proposals which have been shared on our common surface. Workshop, presentation, structured problem solving/ decision making
13:00-14:00 Lunch

During this time Salva summarises our joint decision on the key competencies of trainers, peer suporters and co-trainers. and how we grouped the comptencies into modules.

Presentation – it is uploaded on the common surface of the project.
14:00-15:15 Who will work together on which module’s outline and in what role? Filling in RASCI matrix. (Responsible: this partner is in charge of completing the task. Accountable: this partner endorses the result of the task. Supporting: this partner delivers input that can help the responsible body achieve the task completion. Consulted: this partner needs to be asked for feedback, and feedback needs to be taken into account. Informed: this partner needs to be kept up to date with the progress of the plan development. Presentation on shared screen, discussion, voting, filling in the RASCI matrix
15:00 -15:15 Break
15:15 – 16:15 Continuation of filling in the RASCI matrix, the agreement will involve who with whom will work together in developing the modules’ outlines. Presentation on a shared screen, discussion, voting
9:00-9:10 Creation of connection, ESAT sends a link to the online meeting
9:10-9:30 Summary about RASCI.

Agreement on the tasks sharing.

Presentation on shared screen,


9:30-10:30 Discussion and agreement based on the summary of the pre-prepared materials of each organization’s proposal: how long the trainings will be how many days we plan for each training.

What kind of questionnaire do we plan to use to mapping the motivation and skills of future co-trainers? What will be the structure of the modules?

Workshop, presentation on shared screen
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-12:00 How will the teams work together with the leadership of the Responsibles on the development of the modules’ outlines?  What will be the schedule, who and when will post materials, comment them, etc. on the project’s platform, who will organise the small group online meetings, when will be the large group meetings?

Discussion of  each task, role and the schedule for the development of IO1 and  IO2 modules’ outlines until the next TPM with accurate timing.

Workshop, action planning, filling in the Excel: tasks/time
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-15:00 Further discussion and final agreement in each task, role and preparing a detailed, accurate schedule for the development of IO1 and  IO2 modules’ outlines until the next TPM. Workshop, action planning, filling in the Excel: tasks/time
DAY 3   
9:00-9:10 Creation of connection, ESAT sends a link tot he online meeting.
9:10- 9:30 Summary of all decisions on he next steps until the next TPM. Presentation on shared screen, storytelling
9:30-10:30 Virtual field visit – presentation of Association Au fil de la Vie –ESAT

Discussion about the field visit/ ESAT’s work

Evaluation and closing of the meeting.

Virtual field visit with a mobile phone. discussion

2. Transnational Project Meeting

Online meeting, originally planned locale: ESAT Association au fil de la Vie, France
Date: 1-3 April 2020

How to adapt to changes- field visit with a mobile phone

With all planes grounded and the borders closed, due to the coronavirus situation in Europe, the second transnational meeting of the ‘Train the Competent’ Erasmus + project, initially planned in France in April, had to go online.

During the three days, the partners from the eight countries of the project team gathered on a virtual platform to monitor the progress and discuss the next steps of the project.

Always very important and usually highly expected part of every transnational meeting is the field visit of the receiving organization, as it allows every partner to get to know better about the hosting partner, compare its practices as well as have a deeper understanding of its cultural and eco-political environment.

Therefore, even though ESAT was closed to its workers and beneficiaries because of the then-ongoing general lockdown situation in France, the French team decided to set a “live virtual tour“ via the use of a cellphone’s camera, held by one of the participants, while the other was commenting the footage and answering the numerous questions from an attentive audience.

Though everyone in the project team would definitely have preferred to be there in person, and see it with his/her own eyes, this visit was appreciated, as it had the merit to offer a glimpse of how the meeting could have been under other circumstances, or who knows could be in case of a future project together.