Job market for persons with disability in Poland. Data for the year 2019

  1. Persons with disability in Poland

European Health Interview Survey (EHIS) 2014

According to the results of the European Health Interview Survey (EHIS) in 2014 in Poland there were 7.7 million (exactly 7 689.8 thousand) people with biological disabilities, i.e. people who declared limited ability to perform activities that people usually implement (in accordance with the uniform definition for the EU used in the study, both serious and less severe restrictions have been taken into account, making it impossible to perform the above-mentioned activities for at least the last 6 months). Among them were 2,464.8 thousand. with serious performance limitations and 5,225 thousand people with less severe restrictions.

It is worth pointing out that depending on the adopted criterion of biological disability (or more precisely the level of restrictions) the population of disabled people in Poland may count from 4.9 million people to 7.7 million people.

According to the methodology used so far in health research, the population of disabled people was 4.9 million. When determining its number, both persons with a legal disability certificate and / or persons with limited capacity to perform activities were taken into account, but only to a serious degree.

Source:,78,dane-demograficzne [Nov.14th, 2019]

  1. Persons with disabilities on the open labor market in Poland in the first quarter of 2019 (GUS BAEL, 2019):

Persons in the age (18-65) – work force

Persons with Disability

Activity rate: 28.4%

Employment rate: 26.1%

Unemployment rate: 8.1%

Persons without disability

Activity rate: 76,4%

Employment rate: 73,3%

Unemployment rate: 4.1%

According to the data approximately 1 500 000 PwD in the age18-64 are out of job market.

  1. Vocational Rehabilitation model for persons with disability in Poland (data at the end of June 2019)


Name of the institution Quantitiy Number of PwD
Occupational Therapy Workshop (WTZ) (2014) 684 24 871
Job Activation Enterprise (ZAZ) 118 5253
Sheltered Employment Enterprise ZPCH 886 104025
Social cooperative (2018) 1449 5000 (estimated value)
Supported Employment 20 6000 (estimated value)